Logo and character badges made for a quizapp to help student when cramming to exams. Intoit has an underwater-theme to represent that you are diving into a sea of knowledge. The app lets students collaborate on making quizzes in their field of study as a learning-aid for others. The brief was to make avatars, badges and fun little characters for the result section of the quiz. 
In collaberation with Multiply Illustration Agency

App animations:
Amature Amoeba - Baby Barracuda - Blazing Blobfish - Clever Clam - Cooooral the coral
Crowned Crab - Dazzeling Dolphin - Groovy Goldfish - Horrible Seahorse - Jeweled Jellyfish
Mediocre Ocra - Mighty Manatee - Naughty Nautilus - Occupied Octopus - Sassy Sealion
Shiny Shrimp - Stout Starfish - Uncanny Urchin - Unselfish Shellfish - Zelous Squid
Sketches and drafts:
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