After Indonesian fame from the song "Nasi Padang", Kvitland asked me if I wanted to make a musicvideo for his new song "Komodo Ping-Pong". 
He wanted an animated video to tell the story about an eager but short-handed Komodo Dragon who loves to play Ping-Pong.
Producer: Audun Kvitland Røstad - Ambolt Audio
Director: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Co-director: Audun Kvitland Røstad
AD: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Animation: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Graphic design: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Rigging: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Music: Kvitland - Komodo Ping-Pong
SFX: Audun Røstad Kvitland
I also got the opportunity from ZEDGE to make an iconset, stickerpack and wallpapers for the release of the music video.

Iconset made by Sonia Bansal Dahn

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