Wok Away wanted some new decorations for their resaurant to update their look.
Christoffer Gulliksen(founder of Wok Away)  had a meeting with us where we came up with some ideas.
First of all he wanted to have a fun illustrated mural above the register,
second a big black wall with short instructions of how their concept works
and lastly an updateable menu written on the wall.
They were going to release an app where the most popular costumer-made-menu would be on a Top 5 list in the restaurant. 
We agreed that a chalkboard would not fit the look of the shop and came up with a whiteboard paint solution. Each week an employee could project an updated imagefile of the weekly menu and draw on the wall. 
For the illustration we wanted to make a well thought composition this time. A sea of noodles appeared in our heads. Thought it would be cool that it would float from one side to the other with happy veggies swimming around. We chose not to include meat, because people dont want to think they are eating happy and fun cows,pigs,chickens or shrimp. Perhaps shrimp though. 
Got lots of help by Sonia Bansal on the execution of the illustration.
For the wallprint Christoffer hired Orega to make and apply the foils. Excellent job!
The result of the acrylic marker(Posca) mural 
Before we started
The result
The result with happy boss
The "how to" wall
The result of the updatable menu
The template of the weekly menu
Initial sketching
Added background , detail  and changed some characters including baby corn
Making an illustrator noodlebrush to speed up the tracing and increase control
Tracing in illustrator - coloring in photoshop
Getting some much needed help from Sonia Bansal.
Smiling Sonia Bansal - Soon to be finished after 5,5 hours of work. 11hours in total.
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